Lesson Pricing


Learn how to swim. We are proud to offer our community a state of the art indoor aquatic facility serving children from the age of 4 months.

Pengu Swim School offers year-round perpetual lessons. As a result, this means that you don’t sign up for single sessions, but continue on a month-to-month basis, with an option to cancel with a 30-day notice at any time. The classes are weekly for thirty minutes each.  As a parent, you give us your choice of day and time, and we do our best to provide you with your schedule preference. This spot is yours until you decide to withdraw from lessons.
Lesson Pricing

1st Child

1 Lesson per week


per month

2 Lesson per week


per month

2ND Child

1 Lesson per week


per month

2 Lesson per week


per month

3RD + Child

1 Lesson per week


per month

2 Lesson per week


per month



per lesson



per lesson

Payment Process

Group lesson ratio: 1:4 (1:3 for Toddler 1 classes) for classes without parent participation. 

Step 1

You will pay a prorated amount for the kids swimming lessons for the month you begin, and then you will be put on our automatic billing for the following month and all future months.

Step 2

Your first payment at sign-up will also include an annual registration fee. (The registration fee is $30.00 per child $50.00 per family)You can pay by automatic debit from a checking/savings account or an automated debit from a credit/debit card.

Step 3

All payments will be debited/credited on the first of the month.

*To withdraw from classes, you must give a (30) day
written notice on the PENGU Withdrawal Form.*


Aimed to excel and train children how to swim.

First of all, Pengu swim school is all about offering infants, and children the ideal swimming lessons. Also, Pengu swim school is one of the largest and most respected swim academy in Houston, Texas. During our long course of operations, one thing that we have learned about teaching swim lessons is the importance of teaching infants the water safety skills. Our skilled and experienced instructors make sure children learn these essential skills in the safest of environments.

Furthermore, at Pengu swim school, we have detailed customized, gentle and caring baby swimming lessons, to cater individual needs of children. Our customized baby swimming classes make it easy for infants to start and settle along the course.

Our baby swimming classes center around the baby and parents in the pool at the same time. Therefore, your child remains at ease and comfort while learning critical water safety skills. Our swimming lessons are aimed to train and excel children from their initial splash onto advance swimming skills. To detail our baby swimming classes in Texas, we have modulated different learning levels. At the end of our final scale, your child will be able to float, swim, kick, and fall into the water with ease.

We teach all lessons under the strict and generous supervision of most experienced trainers and fun & educating environment.

Why baby swimming classes?

Infants and children under the age of four are most vulnerable to accidental drowning. The horrible number of baby drowning accidents has motivated Pengu Swim School to help children with the help of a certified swim coach to learn this crucial survival skill.

Statistically, children with baby swimming lessons are at an 80% lower risk of accidental drowning than children without water safety skills. Thereby, professionals recommend baby swimming classes under the supervision of certified and experienced instructors. Pengu Swim School is motivated to conduct safe and skilled baby swimming classes in Texas.

Teaching swim lessons ar our houston swim school

Our vast experience in conducting baby swimming classes enable us to create the perfect environment for infants and babies to learn swimming lessons, which otherwise can be quite challenging. We have created the ideal environment where children learn vital safety skills in a completely safe and fun-filled environment. Our baby swimming lessons include the use of games and songs to engage children and make them participate actively in the pool. We also conduct private lessons for parents looking for more customized settings.


Accidental drowning is the top causes of childhood death in the USA. Children from age group 1 to 4 are most vulnerable to unintentional drowning; the threat level goes even higher for homes with private swimming pools.

Baby swimming classes help infants and children learn this crucial skill of water safety, which goes a long way in their lives.

Why is pengu swim school different?

Flexible Lesson Timings

Most noteworthy, we offer customized and flexible classes for baby swimming lessons. You can choose the timing that suits your work. You can also ask for private swimming lessons for a personalized experience.

Certified Swimming Instructors

The foremost safety prerequisite for any swim academy is certified and experienced swim instructors. Most of all, we have services of some of the most experienced and passionate swim instructors. Therefore, the entire swimming environment is completely safe and secure for your child. In conclusion, we have a rigorous background check for all our instructors before hiring. Thereby you can trust our instructors for your children’s safety at all times.